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Rochelle Chua & Associates is the only professional services company that is truly committed to serve the real estate needs of every person in Canada. With over a dozen business partners and associates, 

Rochelle Chua & Associated is the most up-to-date source for real estate information and advice. Find the assistance you need or the help you've been missing - fast! Rochelle Chua & Associates incorporates the latest changes in the industry to provide you with the most current details on each aspect, including: realty, financing, mortgages, pre-approved loans, rental and all other property planning and investment related options.   

Rochelle Chua & associates is a valuable resource for real estate developers, property managers, bankers, financial planners, sales and marketing professionals, lawyers and chartered accountants, insurance brokers, investment dealers, appraisers, surveyors and reference affiliates and specialists. Reduce the time you spend looking for your new home, finding your next property and compiling, doing investment research or re-inventing the wheel. We deliver all the accurate, up-to-date data you need in a single source.   

Rochelle Chua & Associates is a custom provider of real estate and property planning advice. Need assistance, but don't have the time to perform your own research? Call 1-604-338-8886 to book an appointment and we will be more than happy to assist you.   Sign up for a 

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Services We Offer

Real Estate and Property Planning

Starting as a residential realtor for Magsen Realty in 2016 while in Canada, Rochelle Chua has completed all the requirements to become the youngest top performing associate of Magsen Realty with responsibility of expanding the market over to Delta/Surrey’s approximately 900,000 residents. Collaborating with her partners, Rochelle Chua designed the first real estate property planning system to improve home buying and investment preparation at a time when home buying and investing preparation was still done through the old fashioned way. Rochelle Chua made her first entrepreneurial leap by creating her own real estate services and property planning company, Rochelle Chua & Associates Intl., in 2016. From a start as a two person real estate services and property planning company to a robust team of more than 15 top professionals in the real estate and mortgage industry.

Land Assembly and Development

Land assembly is a tricky game to play because it involves many players and takes a lot of patience. Neighbouring homeowners not only have to collaborate, but be in consensus when selling their properties as a set to developers.

Rochelle Chua & Associates has the resources, experience, and capabilities to provide its clients with the strategic intelligence, analysis, and insight that are crucial to making the right decisions in today's land assembly projects. With the vision of our leadership team, the personal commitment, and indeed the passion of our professionals to deliver real value to our clients, our organization is unsurpassed in its ability to guide you in your future success. A unique characteristic of our business is the combination of property planning and real estate services. We do not apply the same method for all our clients, ensuring a unique form of service.

Mortgage and Loan Approval

Rochelle Chua & Associates can offer you access to virtually every mortgage product and equity loans that are available ensuring that you find the one that is right for you. As soon as you submit your application we begin packaging your loan request. Once we receive your application, your mortgage request will be tendered through a secure electronic system to several of a large pool of lenders. While you work on more important purchase or investment decisions with our Realtor or Financial Planner, you can rest assured knowing that your borrowing needs are being cared for. Unlike the bank, our business hours don't end at 4:30PM, we're not closed on Mondays and we are often available evenings and weekends. We will do all the mortgage shopping for you allowing you time to do more important things like shopping furniture and decoration for your new home!

Rental Property Management

Rental property management can be a juggling act. When you're managing multiple properties, you need to prioritize urgent needs, manage and resolve chronic problems, and act in a proactive way to ensure that your properties are well-maintained. Trust Rochelle Chua and her associates to find you the right renters. Strategic marketing will help reduce your rental turnover rates by bringing you the right people for the right neighborhood. Watch rental trends and amenities in each area, and if a particular neighborhood seems to be orienting itself to the retirement crowd, market accordingly. You'll find renters who appreciate the neighborhood and you'll have fewer worries about vacant properties.

Do you promote your properties to everyone, or are you strategic in your marketing plan?

Renovation and Restoration

People often ask what the difference is between a renovation and a restoration and the answer entails a lot of shades of gray. Your building could use a tune-up, but you're not sure what route to take. Should you restore, remodel, or renovate?  If you don't know the difference between these words, don't feel bad. Many first time building owners have this problem.  But, you need to know the difference before you start your project. That way, it'll be easier to plan your project and know exactly what needs to be done to complete it.  In this article, we'll go over the differences between building restoration, renovation, and remodeling. And, we'll help you decide which one is right for your project. Whatever you decide, renovation or restoration are more often than not complicated, time-consuming processes. Involving experts upfront can facilitate analysis and decision-making.

Notary Public and Legal

Affordable and friendly legal services of a Notary Public is what we’re known for. Our Notary office provides a wide range of services; whether you’re buying or selling your home, acquiring a new mortgages, re-financing or require a Will, Power of Attorney, Representation Agreement, Notarization, Affidavit, Statutory Declaration or Certified True Copy, we are here to assist you with the highest standards of skill and care. Our Notaries can easily interpret and explain complex mortgage signing documents and real estate documents. Our signing agents are qualified, competent and confident to meet with your client and get the job done. We are fast, flexible and friendly mobile Notaries that can meet with you 24 hours 7 days of the week, weekends, nights and holidays. It is never too early or too late.

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